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Genotyping services are performed in-house or outsourced to accredited 3rd party service providers. The list of genotyping platforms offered are below.

  • Trait-based genotyping - Genotyping with SNP or indel markers for biotic and abiotic stresses, grain quality and yield using Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) chemistry

  • Quality control SNP panels (Global rice QC 24-SNP panel, Indica rice QC 10-SNP panel) - Using the KASP-based chemistry, these markers are useful for seed quality control and assurance such as hybridity (F1) testing and line verification.

  • 1k-RiCA SNP genotyping - This panel, designed to characterize indica germplasm, gives good "cost vs. marker-density" balance for genomic prediction applications in elite material. Other uses include DNA fingerprinting, early QTL mapping studies for specific cross combinations of indica x indica, indica x japonica and indica x aus, and background selection in MAB programs.

  • 7k Infinium SNP genotyping - The 7k "rice SNP chip" has been used in genetic diversity, DNA fingerprinting, QTL mapping and genome-wide association studies

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