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2. Submit a genotyping request

2.1 Get started

To provide high-quality and efficient laboratory services, clients are encouraged to review the different genotyping services offered by the Genotyping Services Laboratory (GSL).

1. Go to the IRRI Service Laboratories (ISL) website.

2. From the ISL website, on the upper right click Services > Genotyping.

3. From the Genotyping page, click the genotyping service you wish to review.

4. After identifying the service needed, send an initial service inquiry to

5. You will receive an email thereafter containing the GSL workflow and the GSL request form which you will need to accomplish.

2.2 Accomplish the GSL request form

The GSL request form is a Microsoft Excel file containing four sheets ― Service request, List of Samples, Plate Layout, and DNA QC.


Note: For 1k-RiCA genotyping requests, a separate request form is provided in the GSL workflow. The only difference is the location of control wells in the List of Samples sheet (G12 and H12 for 1k RiCA; H11 and H12 for other services).

Provide basic information regarding the service request

  1. In the first sheet entitled Service Request, specify the details of the request and billing information by filling in all the fields.

Note: If the purpose of genotyping is not one of the choices, select Others.

2. On the bottom half of the sheet, provide the number of samples for each service requested. The quantity, amount, and estimated total cost will be automatically generated based on the values selected.

Note: If you require a custom genotyping request, email the details of the request.

Provide the list of samples

1. In the second sheet entitled List of Samples, provide the following basic information about your samples:

    • SNP Genotyping Platform Set

    • Nature of samples

    • DNA extraction method used

    • Are samples transgenic?

Note: If submitting leaf samples, select “Others” in the dropdown field of the DNA Extraction Method used.

2. On the bottom half of this sheet, provide the required sample information marked with ( * ).

Caution: Naming your samples “1”, “2”, “3” is discouraged. You may add prefixes to make your sample names meaningful (e.g. GSL_001, GSL_002...n).

3. In the last two columns, provide additional information about your samples if they meet the following conditions below.

  • Generation Information = provide this information if your samples are progenies of a population. If it is highly inbred, specify if it is a variety or a landrace.

  • Accession Numbers = these numbers will come from IRRI’s Genetic Resource Center (GRC) and should be provided if samples are varieties or landraces provided by IRRI.

4. After providing all your samples, review the automatically generated visual representation of your plates in the Plate Layouts sheet.

5. Once done, proceed to the DNA QC sheet if you are submitting DNA samples.

Warning: Due to the relationship between sheets, do not copy and paste anything from the List of Samples sheet.

Provide DNA quality check

A quality check is required to ensure that your samples are of good quality before being physically shipped. As such, you must provide nanodrop readings and gel pictures of your samples for GSL to review. If you are submitting leaf samples, this sheet is no longer needed.

  1. On the left side of the DNA QC sheet, indicate your DNA sample name, its 260/280 ratio, and concentration.

2. On the right side of the sheet, include gel pictures of the samples including 25 and 50ng for controls.

3. Once all sheets are accomplished, return the file to GSL via email and wait for their confirmation.

Note: When you receive the file, a sample image is already provided. Remove this and replace it with pictures of your samples.

Confirm acceptance of service engagement

GSL will confirm the acceptance of your request form by sending a confirmation email. The email will contain a unique GSL Code, a Letter of Engagement (LOE), and the appropriate submission guidelines.

Confirm your acceptance of the terms of service by signing and emailing back a copy of the LOE to GSL.