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5. Ship Your Samples

Submit Samples to GSL

1. Ship samples

1. Include in your shipment a hardcopy copy of the signed LOE and an accomplished GSL Request Form with your samples and any other documents.

2. Have a door-to-door courier (e.g. DHL, FedEx, ) deliver the samples to the address below.

International Rice Research Institute Headquarters

ATTN: Genotyping Services Laboratory

College, Los Baños Laguna 4031


Caution: Postal services are discouraged due to the lack of notice to the recipient and difficulty in estimating the date of delivery.

2. Confirm shipped samples

1. After you ship the samples, email the tracking number and waybill of the shipment to If they are in a non-English language, kindly provide an English translation.

  • Tracking number

  • Waybill of the shipment

Note: Indicate the nature of samples (e.g. Dried rice DNA samples for analysis only)

  • Commercial invoice

Note: Indicate the commercial value as “for customs only”.

2. For shipments outside of the Philippines, ship the samples as Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) to remove the need for Tax Exemption Certificate (TEC) processing if the shipment value is less than $500.

Note: TEC has a processing time of one week. GSL will send two separate emails to confirm the receipt of your samples and the results of your samples’ quality check.

Submit Samples to Outsourced Service Provider

Have a door-to-door courier, preferably DHL, deliver the samples to the address associated with the desired outsourced service provider.

AgriPlex Genomics

11000 Cedar Avenue, Suite 250

Cleveland, OH 44106



Dr Rino Donato

Level 3, 170 Greenhill Road

Parkside, SA 5063 Australia

Ph: 0457 732550