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2. Submit a genotyping request

In order to provide you with quality and efficient laboratory services, a detailed Genotyping Service Request must be made across two (2) service providers: Breeding4Results (B4R) System and One Corporate System (OCS) Platform.

2.1 Raise the request on Breeding4Results (B4R) system

The B4R system a web-based platform designed to enhance and facilitate product development programs and information management for managing crop phenotypic studies. A comprehensive guide on how to navigate the platform can be found by accessing here. For this user guide, only the process of raising a request will be described.

1. Get started with B4R

1. Go to and click on G.

2. Click on and select your IRRI issued Google account to login.

3. On the left navigation menu of the dashboard, click Service requests.

2. Create a GSL service request

1. On the top left corner, click on Create to generate a new request.

After selecting a service, you will be redirected to a new page called Create Request, particularly the Basic tab. In the Create Request page, you will be tasked to complete four steps: (1) Provide Basic Information, (2) Add Samples, (3) Manage Samples, and (4) Review Request.

3. Provide basic information

From the Basic tab, you have to provide basic information about your request which will be used by GSL to reference your data later on.

1. Accomplish all fields marked with (*).

2. Click Save to be directed to the next tab - Add from lists.

4. Add samples

In the Add from lists tab, you will select the samples to be genotyped by either choosing from a pre-existing list or by creating a new list.

A. Add from a pre-existing list

Add samples

1. In the List Type dropdown menu, choose the type of samples to be sent for genotyping - Plots or Seeds.

If you are sending seeds, create a seed list. If the samples are from an ongoing study, create a plot list for all plants under that study.

2. In the bottom section of the page, select which list of samples you want to add by ticking the box on the left side of the list.

3. Confirm your selection by clicking Next.

Caution: Ensure that your list includes Parentage information if applicable. This is essential for the analysis of genotype data. Refer to this guide on how to set up a parent list.

After selecting your list, you will be directed to the Manage Samples tab. Skip the information in Section B. Add a new list and move to 5. Manage uploaded samples for the next steps.

B. Add from a new list

Create a new list by clicking Create List +. This will redirect you to the My Lists page, particularly to its Basic tab. On this page, you can create your list through four steps: (1) provide basic information, (2) add items, (3) manage items, and (4) preview items.

Tip: If you cannot view the page properly, close the left navigation by either clicking on ←at the bottom of the left navigation menu or by pressing Alt+H.

Provide Basic Information

1. From the Basic info tab, provide information about your samples by accomplishing all mandatory fields marked with (*).

2. Click Next to save the information and to be directed to the next tab - Add items.

Add Items

1. From the Add Items tab, you will see your list of studies and samples. Select the study you want to add by ticking the checkbox on the left and clicking on the upper right.

2. Once a pop-up appears, click Confirm > Done to proceed. If you want to include another study, click Add more.

You’ll then be directed to the Manage items tab.

Manage Items

1. From the Manage items tab, you can change the order of the samples and remove the unwanted ones.

Reorder: Click and hold the ═ beside the sample you want to move and drag it to the desired position.

Remove Duplicates: Tick the checkbox beside the Reorder column and click Remove Duplicates.

Remove Specific Samples: Tick the checkbox beside the sample you want to remove, and click Remove from List.

2. Once satisfied with your samples, click to be directed to the final tab - Preview.

Preview Items

1. From the Preview tab, review your new list and click .

2. Once you’ve created your list, return to the Create Request page by closing the browser tab for the My Lists page.

3. From the Add from Lists tab of the Create Request page, select your newly created list by ticking its checkbox.

4. Click Next to confirm your samples and be directed to the next tab - Manage Samples.

5. Manage the Uploaded Samples

From the Manage Samples tab, you can remove unwanted samples and/or update the number of samples.

Remove Samples

1. Tick the checkbox of the samples you want to remove.

2. Click ⚙️ > Remove Item > Selected/All

Update the Number of Samples for a Single Plot

1. In the No. of Samples column, click on the underlined number.

2. Change it to the desired number of samples.

3. Click ✓ to save the changes or ⊘ to reset the value.

Bulk Update the Number of Samples for Selected Plots

1. Tick the boxes on the left side of plots whose samples you want to update.

2. In the upper right, click ⚙️> Update No. of Samples > Selected.

3. Once a pop-up appears, indicate the number of samples.

4. Click Confirm.

Bulk Update the Number of Samples for All Plots

1. In the upper right, click ⚙️> Update No. of Samples > All.

2. Once a pop-up appears, indicate the number of samples.

3. Click Confirm.

Once satisfied, click Next to be directed to the final tab - Review.

6. Review the request for submission

In the Review tab, review the request and take note of the Study Name. Send the request by clicking Accept > Confirm.

2.2 Purchase the request through One Corporate System (OCS)

1. Select the Service to Purchase

Each GSL Service has a unique product code that is used when purchasing through the One Corporate System (OCS). The table below contains the codes and fees for GSL services.

Note: Trait Genotyping (P142892) and 1k-RiCA (P142893) includes sampling and DNA extraction services in the package cost.

Tip: For special leaf or seed sampling requests, email for details.

2. Submit the requisition details

  1. Log in to the OCS Platform.

2. Inside the OCS platform, the Requisition Standard tab will open. This is where you will select the service to be purchased and the account to be charged.

3. On the left of the landing page, click the Procurement Tab > Requisition Standard.

4. After clicking Requisition Standard, you will be directed to the Requisition Entry tab. This is where you will be asked to enter the product code, B4R study name, and the account payment details.

5. In the Requisition Entry tab, accomplish all fields under the Requisition Details table marked with
* ).

6. Afterward, under the Product Text table, provide your GSL Reference Number and B4R Study Name.

7. Lastly, provide the account associated with payment by accomplishing all fields marked with ( * ) under the GL Analysis field.

8. Once all fields are filled in and you are satisfied with the details provided, click Save to submit the request.

9. A pop-up showing the Product Requisition (PR) Number will appear upon clicking Save. Take note of this number as it will be submitted later on.

Once your request has been approved, GSL will update your B4R Study status and send a confirmation email with instructions on how to prepare and submit your samples.