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4. Resubmit Samples

It is important to know that in-house analysis will no longer conduct a quality check on resubmitted samples. Meanwhile, outsourced analysis will require multiple quality checks until our partners approve of the samples. This will be subjected to an extra handling fee depending on the number of resubmissions.

Resubmit DNA samples

1. Perform the same procedures as indicated in Section 3.A. Submit DNA/leaf/seed samples

2. Place a label on your new samples using the format below.

GSL Code_Plate #_RESUB_Date of Sample Preparation (DD-MMM-YYYY)

Example: 2020-1_INF _Plate 1_RESUB_05May2020

3. For DNA samples, if the analysis is to be done in-house, submit 100ng/µL and 50µL for the sample concentration and volume respectively.

  1. Perform the same sampling process in 3.A. Submit leaf samples.

  2. Label each of the bundled bags using the format below:

GSL Code_Plate #_RESUB_Date of Sample Preparation (DD-MMM-YYYY)

Example: 2020-1_INF_Plate 1_RESUB_05May2020