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For rice grain quality evaluation and analytical testing services request:

For local (within the Philippines) customers:

1. Send an email inquiry to It should contain the customer's background details of the study, the type of material, analysis/test parameter, and the actual number of samples to be submitted.

2. The laboratory will conduct preliminary review based on the service request submitted. The customer will receive an email and will be asked to fill out required forms.

3. Once the customer has sent the accomplished forms, the laboratory will issue sales order as approval of the service requested.

4. The customers will then process the payment of the sales order. The samples will only be scheduled for analysis once the proof of payment has been received by ISL. For soil and plant samples, make sure that these are properly oven-dried and ground. Once ready, send the samples to:

Seed Health Unit

IRRI Los Baños Headquarters

College, Los Baños

4031 Laguna, Philippines

OR bring the samples to ISL (3rd floor, Kenzo Hemmi Laboratory, IRRI) and our staff will assist the customers in the sample submission to SHU. Please note that non-IRRI samples need to undergo sample clearance prior to analysis at ISL.

5. ISL will send the results to the customer via email. Customers around the Laguna area may opt to pick-up the hard copy of their analysis report/s.

NOTE: The excess samples will then be returned to the Seed Health Unit for destruction.

For international/foreign (outside the Philippines) customers:

1. ISL will secure a Plant Quarantine Clearance (PQC)/ Import Permit from the Bureau of Plant Industry and send a copy to external customers through email.

Note: The original copy of the PQC will be kept by ISL but should be submitted to SHU when the package arrives at IRRI SHU. SHU will notify ISL and/or the customer. In cases when the original PQC must be sent to the customer, the original PQC must accompany the consignment when sending the package to IRRI.

2. Send the materials to SHU in the address given below:

Seed Health Unit

IRRI Los Baños Headquarters

College, Los Baños

4031 Laguna, Philippines

Materials should be sent together with the following required documents:

  • Phytosanitary certificate from the country of origin (original)

  • Plant Quarantine Clearance (PDF copy will be sent by ISL via email)

  • List of materials contained in each package (variety name, source, etc.)

  • SMTA (Standard Material Transfer Agreement) or other form of MTA or letter of donation indicating the intent and purpose of the seed import who would own the data generated from the analysis/testing (for intellectual property rights purposes) or if the sender/provider requires the SMTA to be signed by both parties.

SMTA is obligatory for most germplasm from countries that are party to the Treaty. Other countries are free to choose between SMTA and another MTA but they are encouraged to use the SMTA. The SMTA is the agreed form of incoming shipments of germplasm to be redistributed by IRRI. A germplasm provider who chooses to use a different MTA must be asked by the receiving unit to provide justification for not using the SMTA and the IPMU office must be consulted for all shipments that are not covered by the SMTA.

3. Customers may process the payment and provide ISL with the proof of payment while waiting for the notification of sample clearance. ISL will notify the external customers when their samples have been cleared by the Seed Health Unit.

Note: The start of the samples' turnaround time (TAT) depends on the date the samples were received from SHU.

4. Once the analysis is complete, ISL will send the results via email; excess samples will be returned to the Seed Health Unit for destruction.