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For rice grain quality evaluation and analytical testing services request:

1. Send an email inquiry to to signify your interest in availing grain quality evaluation or analytical testing services. Your email inquiry must contain the background details of the study, the type of material, the analysis/test parameter, and the actual number of samples to be submitted.

2. GQNSL will conduct a preliminary review based on the service request submitted.

3. Once approved, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to avail of the GQNSL services.

For genotyping, sampling and DNA extraction services:

  1. Click the GSL service planner or send an email to to signify your intention to avail of genotyping or sampling services.

  2. GSL will respond and provide the detailed instructions for the particular request.

For rental of facilities request (rice plant and agricultural soil matrices only):

1. Send an email to